Ready Set…Meals Are Prepped! Our exclusive ONLINE program is here!

This summer I’ve teamed up with one of the best holistic nutritionists I know, Sonia Turingia from Kick Ass Nutrition to bring you an exclusive ONLINE program called Ready Set…Meals Are Prepped!

This 2 week program is only $19.99 if you sign-up by September 7th, 2015.

What you’ll get from our Ready, Set Program 

8 Elements to Soulful Meals 

2 action packed podcasts giving you 8 essential elements to kitchen hack your way to healthy, soulful meals.

Discover your Inner Chef

Learn how healthy meals can be prepared in 20-30 mins – allowing you to find your Inner Chef every day of the week.


Get our Super Shopper Secrets – get in and out of the grocery store in under 30 mins with everything you need. PLUS… receive 10 healthy recipes that can be prepared in 20 mins.

Our special bonus gifts to you!

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