Is it ok for your doctor to eat McDonalds?

I’m currently planning a 10 day food elimination detox program which will start at a local pilates studio this weekend and I decided to take a little break and go on facebook.  That’s when I came across the following two pictures:

I immediately thought, “Oh no! This is EVIDENCE!” Evidence that I don’t always do what I tell my patients to do in terms of nutritional recommendations.  Everyone knows McDonald’s is not the healthiest food choice, and some people don’t even consider it to be real food! I always believed as a doctor you should set an example to others with healthy eating and lifestyle habits.  You are supposed to be the role model and the prime example of health. So when I came across these photos I thought, “These need to be deleted immediately! I must hide the evidence!”

Then I realized that even if I delete this evidence, I could still be caught in real life eating McDonald’s because this in fact did just happen to me during March break (it was the McDonald’s two can dine value coupon book promotion!).  I was walking out of the McDonald’s holding my take-out bag of McChicken and medium fries in one hand and my giant Coke in the other when I ran into a patient of mine.  I was a little embarressed but luckily this patient was a friend of mine from before so she wasn’t so surprised to see me carrying McDonald’s.

After that incident I thought since there is no way I will be able to hide my McDonald’s eating, I may as well tell everyone about it because I feel that even though it is evidence I don’t eat healthy all the time, it is also evidence that I am human and having cravings for those greasy, salty french fries just like the rest of you do, even if you don’t admit it.

I believe the key to eating McDonald’s is to do it in moderation.  I usually only eat it twice a year when those coupon booklets are delivered in the mail and when I’m travelling somewhere and we stop to eat McDonald’s at a rest stop.  Looking back at the past year, I think I’ve probably had a McDonald’s meal about once every 6 weeks.  This equals about 9 meals a year and when you put it in the context of eating 3 meals a day for 365 days which is 1,095 meals a year, I think 9/1,095 meals is pretty good.

Next week I won’t be able to eat McDonald’s because I will be guiding people through a spring detox diet program, but I am looking forward to eating my green leafy vegetables and helping others to eat them too, since that is what I eat most of the time anyway.  Cookie Monster says, “Cookies are a SOMETIMES food!” and I say, “McDonald’s is a SOMETIMES food!”