Eco Chic Gifts AKA Veggie Stamping Workshop!

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Fasting: a feast for the body!

Fasting: a feast for the body!
Saturday, November 11th 2-3 pm

Location: Dr. Ellen Simone ND & Associates, 1390 Prince of Wales Drive Suite 205, Ottawa, K2C 3N6
Hosted by Corinne Ardon

Join Corinne Ardon as she shares her personal experience and attempts with fasting. You will learn the difference between fasting and a low calorie diet as well as the history, tradition and ancient practices related to fasting and its benefits.

Corinne will discuss the social and psychological aspects surrounding fasting such as one’s mindset, attitude towards food, social pressures, challenges with fasting.

You will take away practical ideas and suggestions for including various types of fasting schedules into your life to suit your particular needs.

Cost: FREE

Space is limited, please contact Corinne at to reserve your spot!

The Truth About Fat Workshop

The Truth About Fat Workshop 
Tuesday, October 10th 7:30-8:30 pm
Hosted by Mike Desir, Personal Trainer

Location: Dr. Ellen Simone ND & Associates, 1390 Prince of Wales Drive, Suite 205, Ottawa, K2C 3N6

  • Understanding the functionality of fat in the body
  • How to properly fuel the brain
  • How to constantly increase your energy
  • How to start optimizing your lifestyle
  • Bring a friend for an evening of learning and fun!

Cost: FREE


Dairy Free for Dummies Workshop!

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Register today for The Essential Bone Health Workshop!

Register today for The Essential Bone Health Workshop!

Monday, September 25th 7:30-8:30 pm

Presented by: Kayla Robinson, RHN and Martin Garneau, NSCA-CPT

Did you know that proper diet and exercise can not only help build healthier bones, but can actually prevent and/or reverse bone loss?  Learn about the components of a safe and effective exercise program designed specifically for improving bone health and reducing the risk of fractures.  Find out how you can use your diet, the food you eat every day, to promote bone building and prevent bone loss.  Take home tips and handouts to help you these concepts into practice

Cost: $20

Limited seats available. Please contact to save your spot!


3 ways to make drinking water more fun!

Having trouble staying hydrated? Trouble getting your kids to drink their water? Here’s 3 ways to make drinking water more fun! (Applies to adults too!)

  1. Personalize your water bottle: Preferably choose a reusable water bottle made from stainless steel or glass (avoid plastic due to cancer causing chemicals which leech into the water). For children, decorate their water bottle with fun stickers or write their name with a creative sticky label. For adults, perhaps adding a positive quote or affirmation to keep you motivated while at work. Every time you look at your water bottle and read the positive message it will be reinforced! Some examples of positive affirmations are, ‘Keep calm and carry on’, ‘You are beautiful and loved’, ‘#bosslady, getting stuff done!’. Basically, whatever floats your boat and matches your unique personality!
  2. Turn drinking water into a game: Mark the water bottle from top to bottom with the hours of the day. This gives you a visual target for how much you should have drank and by what time. For children, you can mark specific points in the day like first recess, lunch, second recess, on the bus, etc. If you finish your water by the end of the day reward yourself with something positive. For children, rewards could include stickers, dollar store toys, or an extra 5 minutes of screen time.
  3. Add flavour to your boring old H20: By adding berries, lemons and limes you can infuse your water with some flavour and extra nutrients. Be creative with cooling cucumber or herbs like fresh basil and peppermint! Some water bottles come with a diffuser down the centre for fruit or tea. Having your children participate in choosing the flavours they add to their water includes them in their own healthy choices and teaches them the importance of self-care.

Do you have other tips on how to make H20 more fun? Feel free to share your tips below in the comments section!

Healthy nut-free snacks for back to school part 2

It’s back to school time and you might be looking for some new nut-free snacks in addition to the ones in my previous post: Healthy nut-free snacks for back to school.

Here’s my new top 5 nut-free snacks for back to school:

  1. Chia seed pudding: This is so simple to make and you can portion out 5 cups for the week. Have your kids participate in picking their fruits and toppings. Add pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts or sesame seeds for an added protein boost. A little cinnamon, honey or maple syrup adds a touch of sweetness to this delicious pudding.
  2. Power balls: Power balls are traditionally made with peanut or almond butter but you can easily substitute this for pumpkin seed butter, Sun butter or Wow butter. Make on the weekend and portion into freezer baggies for a quick snack or lunch addition.
  3. Hummus: Home made hummus is packed full of protein and calcium, great for growing kids and healthy bones. Make hummus fun by blending it with some spinach and edemame to make ‘Green dip’ or with roasted beets to make ‘Pink dip’. This adds extra flavour as well as vitamins and minerals to otherwise boring old hummus.
  4. Quinoa salad: Add some veggies and voila! You have yourself a quick and nutritious snack. Flavour with olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic, chili flakes, balsamic vinegar, basil, dill, thyme, cumin, etc. Quinoa salad is easy to make in bulk on a Sunday and to scoop into individual portions for the week. Bonus, the longer the flavours soak the more tasty this salad becomes!
  5. Steel cut oats: Make ahead and divide into individual portions and add honey, cinnamon, berries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds or hemp hearts for added flavour and protein.

Involve your children in the snack decision making and preparation to figure out what flavours and textures they like!