Healthy nut-free snacks for back to school part 2

It’s back to school time and you might be looking for some new nut-free snacks in addition to the ones in my previous post: Healthy nut-free snacks for back to school.

Here’s my new top 5 nut-free snacks for back to school:

  1. Chia seed pudding: This is so simple to make and you can portion out 5 cups for the week. Have your kids participate in picking their fruits and toppings. Add pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts or sesame seeds for an added protein boost. A little cinnamon, honey or maple syrup adds a touch of sweetness to this delicious pudding.
  2. Power balls: Power balls are traditionally made with peanut or almond butter but you can easily substitute this for pumpkin seed butter, Sun butter or Wow butter. Make on the weekend and portion into freezer baggies for a quick snack or lunch addition.
  3. Hummus: Home made hummus is packed full of protein and calcium, great for growing kids and healthy bones. Make hummus fun by blending it with some spinach and edemame to make ‘Green dip’ or with roasted beets to make ‘Pink dip’. This adds extra flavour as well as vitamins and minerals to otherwise boring old hummus.
  4. Quinoa salad: Add some veggies and voila! You have yourself a quick and nutritious snack. Flavour with olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic, chili flakes, balsamic vinegar, basil, dill, thyme, cumin, etc. Quinoa salad is easy to make in bulk on a Sunday and to scoop into individual portions for the week. Bonus, the longer the flavours soak the more tasty this salad becomes!
  5. Steel cut oats: Make ahead and divide into individual portions and add honey, cinnamon, berries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds or hemp hearts for added flavour and protein.

Involve your children in the snack decision making and preparation to figure out what flavours and textures they like!

About drellensimonend
Dr. Simone strongly believes that the mind and body are connected to your overall health and wellness. As a primary health care provider, her practice provides ongoing support throughout your healing journey. Her role as your Naturopathic Doctor is to assist you in discovering your needs, support you in personal growth and help you reach your health and wellness goals. With the belief that happiness and balance is possible for everyone, Dr. Simone strives to help her patients live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Dr. Simone focuses on family wellness and has special interests in women and children’s health. She has experience with reproductive health, working with women through different phases in their lives; to regulate the menstrual cycle, ease PMS symptoms, optimize fertility, provide support during and after pregnancy, maintain breast health and welcome menopause. Children have also been a primary focus in Dr. Simone’s life in both her professional role as a naturopath and in her volunteer work. She believes that setting healthy habits at a young age can be critical for long-term health and wellness.

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