Trick or treat! 3 healthy alternatives to handing out candy for Halloween

With all the hype about childhood obesity in the news, parents often ask, “What can I give out instead of candy for Halloween?”.  Here are 3 healthy alternatives to candy for your little trick-or-treater:

1. Stickers! Kids love stickers, and there is no shortage of pumpkins, ghosts and zombie stickers to handout.  Stickers don’t cost a lot and you can put together a awesome sticker bag complete with eerie glow in the dark stickers for your trick-or-treaters.

2. Halloween themed school supplies such as pencils, erasers, clips and notepads are fun and useful for kids.

3. Jewelry: Eyeball necklaces, spider rings, pumpkin scrunchies, and glow in the dark bracelets are a great alternative to candy and can be reused next Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


About drellensimonend
Dr. Simone strongly believes that the mind and body are connected to your overall health and wellness. As a primary health care provider, her practice provides ongoing support throughout your healing journey. Her role as your Naturopathic Doctor is to assist you in discovering your needs, support you in personal growth and help you reach your health and wellness goals. With the belief that happiness and balance is possible for everyone, Dr. Simone strives to help her patients live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Dr. Simone focuses on family wellness and has special interests in women and children’s health. She has experience with reproductive health, working with women through different phases in their lives; to regulate the menstrual cycle, ease PMS symptoms, optimize fertility, provide support during and after pregnancy, maintain breast health and welcome menopause. Children have also been a primary focus in Dr. Simone’s life in both her professional role as a naturopath and in her volunteer work. She believes that setting healthy habits at a young age can be critical for long-term health and wellness.

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